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The department of Pharmaceutical Technology is devoted to impart scientific knowledge, formulation development skills and advanced drug delivery concepts to its undergraduate as well as to the postgraduate students.

The department offers 11 core subjects in the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) programme across four years of study. In the first year the students are enrolled in Physical Pharmacy subject to know the physicochemical principles such as surface tension, viscosity, polymorphisms, critical micellar concentration, colloidal systems, zeta potential, phase transitions, intermolecular interactions etc which are critical in developing safe, effective and quality pharmaceuticals. Over this strong foundation we introduce concepts on non-sterile and sterile dosage form design subjects involving topics like laboratory/industrial manufacturing of tablets, capsules, creams, ointments besides good aseptic practices in the second year so that our students can acquire learning outcomes with ease. In the third-year students are familiarized with good compounding practice skills, ethics and legislations in pharmacy to prepare them for the future as a law-abiding registered pharmacist. In the final year advanced drug delivery concepts which are new in the field are introduced besides practical skills in advanced research. In addition, our students are acquainted with cGMP principles, Quality Assurance and regulatory control of pharmaceuticals. To relate the classroom knowledge with that of industrial practices we attach our students to leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country such as Pharmaniaga, Duopharma, NoriPharma, Royce Pharma, Ain Medicare, Bionime, Malaysian Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals etc for 6 weeks and we have also signed MOU/MOAs with several industries to facilitate industrial attachment. Other than that, we have inhouse pilot plant facility capable of producing 30000 tablets in an hour which is one of the first in the country and exclusive to our students to have industry like exposure.

At present the department is served by 4 fulltime academicians with immense experience and research diversity. Our researchers hold several national and international grants in collaboration with national/international researchers of high repute. Primarily their research involves development of novel drug delivery systems for targeted delivery for Pulmonary, Transdermal routes and in GIT. Nanotechnology concepts to target cancerous tumours is also explored. Development and use of new natural excipients, biodegradable polymers in development of advanced drug delivery systems are also actively undertaken. Apart from that standardization of herbal extracts and development of herbal formulations is the secondary research area of the department.

Besides PhD and M.Sc in Pharmacy postgraduate programmes by research the department has completed all the paper work, acquired the necessary approvals of its Master programme by course mode namely “Master in Pharmaceutical Legislation and Regulatory Control” which will be offered in 2023/24 session onwards.


Head of Department


Dr. Md Jasim Uddin
Email : j.uddin@um.edu.my

Administrative Assistant (Clerical And Operational)

Mdm Masitah Harun
Administrative Assistant (N19)

Last Update: 22/05/2023